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Sounds like trolley, but it is the term for that widely used rain-deflector: the umbrella, ella, ella, ay. This one found its way into the British lingo in the late 1800s 

Ali. NIKE pojkar Md Runner 2 -Unbekannt Skor sneakers American USA original personlig av MYS Français (fr); English (en); Português (pt); Español (es). Contact Us. Elephant 3 delar: Trolley Hero Signature Skoltrolley Trolly sportväska pennskrin Unbekannt Okänd Sneakers American USA – bas personifierade skor  Museets museispårväg öppnade 1991 med den restaurerade tidigare Fort Smith Light and Traction Companys spårvagn nr 224, byggd av American Car  Airbox AZ1 55cm Trolley Kombu Green. CDON. 1237 kr. Airbox AZ1 75cm Trolley Excalibur Grey.

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trol·leys also trol·lies 1. A streetcar. 2. A shopping cart (American English) or trolley (British English), also known by a variety of other names, is a wheeled cart supplied by a shop or store, especially supermarkets, for use by customers inside the premises for transport of merchandise as they move around the premises, while shopping, prior to heading to the checkout counter, cashiers or tills. DILERI JOHNSTON: "You know, if you go shopping, for example, you don't really want to take a 'trolley' which is what Americans ride around in on the street, like say in San Francisco. A tourist trolley, also called a road trolley, is a rubber-tired bus designed to resemble an old-style streetcar or tram, usually with false clerestory roof.

also trol·ly n. pl.

Swedish English Swedish - English dictionary. spårvagn. trolley car. electronics and electrical engineering - ▷. Vi sitter alla i samma vagn – en 

Sports/team sports bag with trolley system. Medium-sized (55 cm), in 600D polyester. 1 zipped side pocket to hold a pair of shoes.

Trolley american english

Trolley definition, trolley car. Top Definitions; Quizzes; Related Content; Examples; British; Idioms And Phrases See synonyms for trolley on Thesaurus. com a grooved metallic wheel or pulley carried on the end of a pole (troll

Trolley american english

Learn English Free - British English vs American English / American English vs British trolley car. trousers !pants. vest, undershirt. washing powder, detergent. Speakers of American and British English both use the same verb, transport, English call this type of vehicle a tram and use the word trolley to describe the  EnglishEdit. Mar 10, 2016 Yes, it's British. 'Trolley' is the British equivalent of 'shopping cart' in US English - in other words, the metal basket on wheels which customers  Nov 25, 2014 40.

Trolley american english

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Daily life, Utensils, Motor vehicles ldoce_342_a trolley trol‧ley / ˈtrɒli $ ˈtrɑːli / noun [countable] 1 British English D a large basket on wheels that you use for carrying bags, shopping etc SYN cart American English a supermarket trolley 2 British English DFU a small table on wheels used for serving food SYN cart trolley - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. Trolley definition is - a streetcar powered electrically through a trolley —called also trolley car. Definition and synonyms of trolley from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of trolley.View American English definition of trolley. Change your default dictionary to American English. View the pronunciation for trolley.
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View the pronunciation for trolley. British and American English often spell the same word differently, for example: labour/labor, enthrall/enthral, or centre/center. You can find out more about these differences here . There are also many cases in which the two varieties of English use different terms to describe the same thing.

Check out Rachel's English and English With Jennifer to name just a few. Top English pronunciation queries: 1-100 , 101-200 , 201-300 , 301-400 , 401-500 , 500+ YouGlish for: A Trolley in a Grocery Store?
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Trolley american english

。NeoBeauty Trolley frisörbil med hjul frisörsalong kosmetika hus silver röd. Miltec American M41 Jacket 5 offices and a team of English-speaking staff on hand to assist with all your accountancy requirements, our “savoir-faire” is second 

Memphis Vacation Travel Guide Expedia - video with english and swedish subtitles. historiska Lorraine The Cultural and Scientific Capital of the USA. If there is any American city where you can breathe some “European air”, it is Boston: a large city built for people,  Börja din resa ombord på en av Hershey Trolley Works spårvagnar. På denna plats kan du hoppa på bilen i Hersheys Great American Chocolate Tour och  TERRA 180.

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Memphis Vacation Travel Guide Expedia - video with english and swedish subtitles. historiska Lorraine

Trolley No. Be the first to ask a question about Trolley No. Edward Lee is an American novelist specializing in the field of horror, and has  Y&Z Enterprises New Jumping Close Contact Leather English Horse Saddle & Tack Jon Boat Surfboard Rack Trolley Beach Trolley Cart Carries1 SUP Surfboard 12x8 Cute Baby Power Diversity Kids Quote African American Canvas Print  SAFTA Trolley for School Backpacks Light Resistant with extractable Grip Handle and Belt Buckle DC Comics Warner Bros Original Logo US American Superhero, Tory Leather 32' USA MADE ENGLISH RIDING FORMAL DRESS BELT  Specifikation: Ursprung: Cn (ursprung) Typ: Gåstol Leveransplats: Kina eller ryssland Mönstertyp: Tecknad serie Paketlista: 1 x barnvagn Antal hjul: Fyra hjul  Sök efter: Svenska · English · Deutsche · Nimo-KG.